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The story of England's incredible triumph at Euro 2012

The story of England's incredible triumph at Euro 2012

Sunday 1st July 2012

So finally it's happened. After 46 years of hurt, pain, red mists, false dawns, missed penalties, false dawns and more missed penalties, it's over. England have won something. Euro 2012 Winners. 

Gary Neville, Captain, scorer, legend - a man not a month ago watching from the studio in his suit rather than in an England shirt holding aloft the Henri Delaunay trophy – was the man of the moment. Micah Richards and Leighton Baines broken metatarsals forcing Hodgson to find a replacement in the form of Neville, who thankfully was unwittingly still registered to play.

So up he stepped, the darling of Sky TV in the hour of need. 'Your country needs you Gawwrry' cried the redtops memorable front page. Up he stepped and the rest is history. 92 caps and one glorious scuffed shot from the 18 yards line that was enough to defeat the Poles. 

Whereupon the 20,000 England fans packed into Kiev’s Olympic Stadium sang as one the ear splitting 'Neville Camp Nou warble'. Euro 2012's very own Vuvzuella. 

"This beats them all," say 37-year-old Neville. "But don't count me out for Brazil 2014, although I’m not sure what the Polish builders will think of it - they're still doing my Eco house back home." Don't worry Gary; most people will paint your house for free now.

And arise Sir Roy. Happy Hodgey. Good guy Roy.

"I may be able to say my 'r's now" he joked at the jubilant press conference. Don't do that Roy, we love you the way you are.  It's rumoured he celebrated with a small vodka and a Polish biscuit, citing the team’s success on the book reading group he’d created to build teamwork and sway the lads from cards and twitter. But it wasn't quite like this three weeks ago after the drubbing by France. Dark days indeed.

'Wubbish!' 'Go in the name of Hodg!' And with Terry and Ferdinand languishing in the notorious Pavshino prison, after their brutal training ground bust up, the signs weren't good.

However, Grant Holt - unlikely hero number 2 and his 93rd minute 'bolt' against Sweden saved our skins and then Wellbeck's hat-trick heroics in the must win last game against Ukraine got England out of the group.

Then more madness against Italy with Holt’s brace before Germany in the Semi Final. Lampard's sweet free kick redemption for the denial of South Africa.

And what now for Rooney? Back home before the end of the group stages after his brothel disgrace with Helga Scmidt - a 63 year old Grandmutter.

However, such was the prolific partnership of Holt And Wellbeck he was hardly missed.

Dare we now dream of taking on the world in 2014?

Wio here we come.

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